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Date: Title: Details: Type:
2015 of culpable trajectories and transformations For string octet, e. guitar, bass guitar, percussion, and fixed media Electroacoustic
2015 now that we have so much in common For orchestra and fixed media Electroacoustic
2015 on the comparative lightness of water For live-electronics or fixed media Electroacoustic
2015 on the attraction for felicitous amplitude For string quartet and transducers Electroacoustic
2015 of an implacable subtraction For bassoon and fixed media Electroacoustic
2015 on the imagined relation of night sounds (and silent darkness) For trumpet and fixed media Electroacoustic
2015 showing and hiding/showing and vanishing For percussion sextet, electric guitar quartet, reel-to-reel players, live-electronics, and fixed media Electroacoustic
2014 all lengths in between perhaps For reel-to-reel and live-electronics Electroacoustic
2014 collaborating objects For electric guitar, radio, and fm transmitter Electroacoustic
2013 the days are nouns For soprano, two vibraphones, and electronics Electroacoustic
2013 protected by a world of dry leaves and furtive paths For double bass, prepared tam-tams, live-electronics, and fixed media Electroacoustic
2013 of whole movements and migrations For flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, and miniature electronics Electroacoustic
2013 ontology of an echo For clarinet, percussion, electric guitar, piano, cello, contrabass, and fixed media Electroacoustic
2013 lullaby For fixed media Electroacoustic
2013 so much of any year is flammable For percussion sextet Acoustic
2012 in words of one syllable For vocal ensemble and 4 metronomes Acoustic
2012 of architecture and accumulation For organ Acoustic
2012 eden’s arch of promise bending, movements 1 & 2 For fixed media Electroacoustic
2012 let us say yes For live-electronics Electroacoustic
2009 corpo/Cage For two flutes, clarinet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, french horn, two trombones, tuba, electric guitar, bass, guitar, percussion Acoustic
2009 recessional march For four french horns, three trumpets, three trombones, tuba, and two percussionists Acoustic
2009 here in our ordinariness For piano, percussion, violin, and electric guitar Acoustic
2009/2006 but because without this For electric guitar quartet, rescored for Dither Acoustic
2008 nacht nach nacht nach nacht nach nacht For three music boxes and 4 matchstick performers Acoustic
2006 the art of disappearing For two flutes, clarinet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, french horn, two trombones, tuba, electric guitar, bass guitar, percussion, two sopranos, and piano Acoustic
2006 luxury of superstition For voice, oboe, violin, viola, cello, and percussion Acoustic
2006 but because without this For bluegrass quartet Acoustic
2005 …because it opens a path, because it does not close For 2 flutes, clarinet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, french horn, two trombones, tuba, electric guitar, bass guitar, percussion, 2 sopranos, and piano Acoustic
2004 continuity of parks For chamber orchestra Acoustic
2004 the distances For flute, prepared piano, percussion, and harp Acoustic
2002 the boojum tree remembered For accordion, percussion, and string quartet Acoustic
2001 Glint For 2 violas and 2 violoncellos Acoustic
2000 in memory of an anthill For string quartet Acoustic
2000 worte sind schatten For flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, 2 horns, trombone, 2 percussionsts, violin, viola, violoncello, contrabass Acoustic
1999 Untitled For Chamber Orchestra Acoustic
1999 plusoneminusone (+1/-1) For flute, clarinet, horn, trumpet, percussion, violin, viola, cello Acoustic
1998 I de t ? For solo violin Acoustic
1998 Reflections on John Dos Passos’ The Big Money For string quartet Acoustic
1997 die Sprache For solo violin Acoustic
2011 AEG For fixed media, commissioned by the Estonian Ballet for original choreography by Tiit Helimets. Featuring piano recordings of Kathleen Supové and Yvonne Troxler, and original text by Abi Basch, performed by Molly Shaiken, and Tiit Helimets Electroacoustic
2011 sparrows in supermarkets For recorder and multichannel electronics Electroacoustic
2010 navigable For fixed media, written for EMF's Ear to the Earth, and featuring recordings of the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel. Special thanks to Bob Diamond and Greg Castillo Electroacoustic
2009/2010 the end of an orange For violin and live-electronics, written for Todd Reynolds, through the Van Lier Fellowship (formerly “if i am i or what actually occurred”) Electroacoustic
2010 before the weather changes For tarragato and electronics Electroacoustic
2010 forgiveness anthems For flute and electronics Electroacoustic
2008 limerence For banjo and electronics Electroacoustic
2008 in absentia For violin, piano, glasses, and miniature electronics Electroacoustic
2007 lathyrus For laptop ensemble Electroacoustic
2006 rosenthaler For pre-recorded music Electroacoustic
2006 of memory and minutiae For voice, cello, and electronics Electroacoustic
2005 hopscotch 34 For flute, three clarinets, horn, two percussionists, violin, cello, and electronics Electroacoustic
2005 anthracite For pre-recorded music Electroacoustic
2004 …and, believing in… For live processing and solo performer Electroacoustic
2004 communications from the lab For 12 speakers and dance Electroacoustic
2003 …of one sinuous spreading… For prepared piano and live processing Electroacoustic
2003 glint For quadraphonic tape and live diffusion with octaphonic sound. Electroacoustic
2002 …as on all these days, all this untellable time… For percussion, string quartet, and electronics Electroacoustic
2002 run on sentence of the pavement For piano, ping-pong balls, and electronics Electroacoustic
2002 fuel For dance and electronics Electroacoustic
2002 Surface Features For dance and electronics Electroacoustic
2002 We Go For toy piano, dance, and electronics Electroacoustic
2001 six in time (a memory for Nancy Reagan and Kevin Bacon) For kitchen instruments, smud tuners, and sampler Electroacoustic
2001 structures in red For flute, percussion an pre-recorded music Electroacoustic
2000 semiotics For soprano, Dictaphone quartet, and pre-recorded music Electroacoustic
2000 submerged For dancers and pre-recorded music (with noranewdanceco) Electroacoustic
1999 Ideale For violin, viola, and pre-recorded music Electroacoustic
1997 Golden Wheat Carrot Ring For pre-recorded music Electroacoustic
2012 pendulum studies for piano frame, resonators, microphones, and metronomes Installation
2012 work divided by time for sine-tones, resonators, and convection-driven switching mechanisms Installation
2011 sway For 25 hand-built, resonating bird houses, piano wire, and miniature electronics. Collaboration with Jacek Kolasinski, with original poetry by Tung-Hui Hu Installation
2008/2009 portable For eight radio-suitcases. Installation
2006 Filling Vessels For eight speakers, LEDs, feedback, four vessels, four performers, and FFT-analysis Installation
2006 circadia For eight mini-speakers, LEDs, sine-tones, FFT audio analysis, and rhythmic synchronization Installation
2001 threadbare For clothing, pins, markers, pre-recorded music, and video Installation
2003 tapestyria For large-human filled tapestries, paint, and twine Other sounds
2001 Hopscotch 34 For glasses, matches, reading, clothing, sampler Other sounds
2000 for Lisa For string quartet, two televisions, VHS video projection Other sounds
1999 sei ohne sorge For sampler, Dictaphone quartet, two narrators, three televisions Other sounds
1998 The Big Money For television, video, trumpet, saxophone, two violins, sampler. Other sounds
1998 after Euridice For sampler, Dictaphone quartet, actor Other sounds
2004 Musical Games and Emergent Behavior in Ensemble Music Proceedings of the DVSM- Symposiums: “Musik im Spiel.” Article
2003 ongoing: An Exploration of Timbre, Structure, and Musical Choice Proceedings of the International Conference on Spectral Music Article