Title: Date: Details:
Dissolution Studies2020 for overlapping fixed media/audio streams
between the smell of dust and moonlight2016/20 for chamber ensemble, fixed media, and sound installation. Premiered by the Metropolis Ensemble at the Phillips Collection (D.C.)
on the tender gravity of kindness2020 for live-electronics. Commissioned by Metropolis Ensemble for House Music.
Umbrella Etudes2020 for any number of players, alone or together.
Hold (or, the gift of patterns) 2020 for chamber ensemble. Commissioned by the Grossman Ensemble.
such is now the necessity2020 for baritone, trumpet, bass clarinet, trombone, and string orchestra. Premiered by Loadbang and Chatter.
within the magnification of transience and light 2020 for feedback and miniature electronics
For these things that can be told / until mystery becomes elegy2019 for vibraphone, live-electronics, and multi-channel audio. Premiered and commissioned by Al Cerulo.
Gravity Studies2019 for percussion trio and electronics. Premiered and commissioned by Tigue.
Chunky in Heat [scene selections]2019 opera scene selections with chamber ensemble. Premiered by Experiments in Opera.
Invitation2019 for flute and fixed media
Mysteries, Yes 2019 for mezzo-soprano, viola, and fixed media. Premiered by SpacePants.
by the inexplicabilities we call coincidence2018 for prepared piano and miniature electronics. Premiered by Kathleen Supové.
Antenna Studies2018 for reed quintet, live-electronics, fixed media, and radio broadcast. Premiered by Splinter Reeds.
or say the day is jeweled and burning 2018 for gamelan instruments and live-electronics and feedback.
woven by air2018 sound installation for transducers, underwater speaker, and electronically modulated lightbulb. Premiered at the Caramoor Festival (Katonah, NY)
The old language is the old language, with its lance and greaves, broken shields and hammered vowels 2017 for cymbals, microphones, feedback, and live-electronics. Premiered by Bonnie Whiting and Jennifer Torrence
a condensation of space into light2017 for soprano and fixed media. Premiered by Jaimie Jordan.
pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design2017 for violin, cello, bass, fixed-media, and cell phone electronics. Premiered by the Forty/sixty Trio at the Hartford Festival of Women Composers (CT).
within the fricative light of intention 2017 for vocal ensemble. Premiered by Vocal Constructivists.
glass meets water2017 for fixed media
within the social history of saltpeter2017 for 8-channel fixed media
eden’s arch of promise bending, mvt. 2rv. 2017 for two percussionists, water-based feedback, and live-electronics
Stations and Resonances2016 with Matthew Welch, for bagpipes and video. Premiered at the PLATFORM Series by Metro Transit Museum of New York (NYC).
the old language continues its dialogues in ordinary dust2016 for instruments and live-electronics
lullaby for dead horse bay 2016 for violin and fixed media. Premiered and commissioned by Michi Wiancko.
songs of fuel and insomnia (V)2016 for violin and fixed media
on the analogical understandings of space2016 for chamber ensemble and fixed media. Premiered by the GVSU New Music Ensemble at Wind Cave National Park (Wind Cave, SD).
old fires catch old buildings 2016 for trumpet, baritone, bass clarinet, trombone, cassette recorders, and fixed media. Premiered by Loadbang Ensemble.
between charm and the constant laws of motion2016 for piano, percussion, and miniature electronics
of culpable trajectories and transformations2015 for strings, percussion, and fixed media
on the comparative lightness of water 2015 for live-electronics
showing and hiding/showing and vanishing 2015 for percussion sextet, electric guitar quartet, reel-to-reel players, live-electronics, and fixed media. Premiered by Mantra Percussion, Dither Electric Guitar Quartet, and Philip White at the Avant Music Festival (NYC).
of an implacable subtraction 2015 for bassoon and fixed media. Premiered by Dana Jessen at the Avant Music Festival (NYC).
on the imagined relation of night sounds (and silent darkness)2015 for trumpet and fixed media. Premiered by Andy Kozar.
on the attraction for felicitous amplitude2015 for string quartet and electronics. Premiered by Brooklyn Rider at the American Academy in Rome (Italy).
collaborating objects2014 for electric guitar, radio, and fm transmitter. Premiered by Alessandra Novaga at Spectrum (NYC).
all lengths in between perhaps2013-14 for reel-to-reel and live-electronics.
protected by a world of dry leaves and furtive paths2013 for double bass, prepared tam-tams, live-electronics, and fixed media. Premiered by Nina de Heney at the Sounds of Stockholm Festival (Sweden).
lullaby2013 for fixed media
the days are nouns2013 for soprano, two vibraphones, and electronics. Premiered by Jamie Jordan and Mantra Percussion at Music at First (NYC).
of whole movements and migrations2013 for flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, and miniature electronics. Premiered by Glass Farm Ensemble at Symphony Space.
ontology of an echo2013 for clarinet, percussion, electric guitar, piano, cello, contrabass, and fixed media, commissioned through the People’s Commissioning Fund at Bang On A Can. Premiered at Merkin Concert Hall by the Bang On A Can All-Stars.
so much of any year is flammable2013 for percussion sextet. Premiered by Mantra Percussion at Music at First (NYC).
in words of one syllable2012 for vocal ensemble and 4 metronomes. Premiered by the Vocal Constructivists at the V22 Summer Club (London).
of architecture and accumulation2012 for organ and crystal glasses. Premiered by Wil Smith at Music at First (NYC).
eden’s arch of promise bending, movements 1 & 2 2012 for fixed media, featuring field recordings of the Old Croton Aqueduct.
let us say yes2012 for live-electronics (quadraphonic sound). Premiered at Issue Project Room as part of the John Cage Centennial Celebration.
AEG2011 for fixed media, commissioned by the Estonian Ballet for original choreography by Tiit Helimets. Featuring piano recordings of Kathleen Supové and Yvonne Troxler, and original text by Abi Basch, performed by Molly Shaiken, and Tiit Helimets. Premiered at the Estonian National Ballet in Talinn.
sparrows in supermarkets2011 for recorder and electronics. Premiered by Terri Hron.
before the weather changes 2010 for tárogató and electronics. Premiered by Nicole Canham
hommage à salon bruit 2010 for live-electronics and audio-driven video
navigable2010 for fixed media, featuring field recordings of the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel.
forgiveness anthems2010 for flute and electronics. Premiered by Margaret Lancaster.
corpo/Cage2009 for two flutes, clarinet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, french horn, two trombones, tuba, electric guitar, bass, guitar, percussion. Premiered by the Ensemble de Ereprijs in Arnhem (NL).
recessional march2009 for four french horns, three trumpets, three trombones, tuba, and two percussionists. Premiered by the FIU Wind Ensemble for the inauguration of the University President Mark Rosenberg (FL).
here in our ordinariness2009 for piano, percussion, violin, and electric guitar. Premiered by the Glass Farm Ensemble.
the end of an orange (formerly: if i am i or what actually occurred) 2009 for violin and live-electronics, written for Todd Reynolds, through the Van Lier Fellowship. Premiered at Roulette (NYC).
but because without this2009/06 for electric guitar quartet (additionally scored for bluegrass quartet). Premiered by Dither Electric Guitar Quartet at Roulette (NYC).
nacht nach nacht nach nacht nach nacht2008 for three music boxes and 4 matchstick performers.
limerence2008 for banjo and electronics. Premiered by James Moore.
in absentia2008 for violin, piano, glasses, and miniature electronics.
lathyrus2007 for laptop ensemble.
the art of disappearing 2006 for two flutes, clarinet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, french horn, two trombones, tuba, electric guitar, bass guitar, percussion. Premiered by Ensemble de Ereprijs (Apeldoorn, NL).
luxury of superstition2006 for voice, oboe, violin, viola, cello, and percussion.
rosenthaler2006 for fixed media.
of memory and minutiae2006 for cello, voice, and electronics. Premiered by Jody Redhage.
...because it opens a path, because it does not close... 2005 for two flutes, clarinet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, french horn, two trombones, tuba, electric guitar, bass guitar, percussion, two sopranos. Premiered by Ensemble de Ereprijs (Apeldoorn, NL).
hopscotch 342005 for flute, three clarinets, horn, two percussionists, violin, cello, and electronics. Premiered at the Bang On A Can Summer Institute of Music.
anthracite2005 for fixed media.
continuity of parks 2004 for chamber orchestra. Premiered by Alarm Will Sound at NYU Skirball Center.
the distances2004 for flute, prepared piano, percussion, and harp.
...and, believing in... 2004 for solo performer and live electronics
communications from the lab2004 for 12-channel audio and dance. Premiered by Ballett Frankfurt (Germany)
...of one sinuous spreading...2003 for prepared piano and live electronics. Premiered by Kathryn Woodard at the International Festival on Spectral Music (Istanbul, Turkey).
run on sentence of the pavement 2002 for prepared piano and electronics. Premiered by Kathryn Woodard.
work divided by time2012 sound installation for sine-tones, resonators, and convection-driven switching mechanisms
pendulum studies2012 sound installation for piano frame, resonators, microphones, and metronomes
portable2008/09 sound installation and performance piece for for hand-built radio transmitters and receivers lodged in suitcases
Filling Vessels2007/06 for eight speakers, LEDs, feedback, four performers, and live-electronics
circadia2007/06 for eight glass mini-speakers, LEDs, pulsating feedback, and synchronization algorithm
rail run 2020/15 collaboration with James Moore, for electric guitar and live-electronics
kite choir (weather permitting)2018-ongoing collaboration with architect Firat Erdim for kite choir
Restagings No. 2: Of Serra (to movement) 2018 collaboration with Abigail Levine for dance and radio feedback
outline untitled2018 live-electronics collaboration with Philip White
Rising Divergence 2016-17 film by Tom Snelgrove with live sound diffusion
Two: Related Parts 2017 collaboration with Abigail Levine for dance and radio feedback
Between Systems and Grounds2016-ongoing collaboration with visual artist Olivia Valentine