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Antenna Studies is a work which explores geometries of transmission, between FM transmission, cell-phone streaming of original audio files, acoustic instruments, and live-electronics.

Antenna Studies involves multiple layers of sound that may be tuned into by performers and audience members at different points, either by radio or phone. The hope is to forge different forms of intimacy, as well as agency, in listening to and across different spaces, and the devices used to bridge them.

Antenna Studies is a work in which listening to the video or live performance can be combined with two additional layers of audio — a web stream, and a cell-phone track.

The web stream may be played at any point in the piece, or listened to separately at any time. This stream runs continuously, and was originally broadcast over KVNF Public Radio for the premiere performance.

The cell-phone track may be triggered for playback during Movement V of the work, and may run continuously throughout the piece.

Splinter Reeds perform Antenna Studies at Ring Hall, Wesleyan University, Connecticut, in 2020


For reed quintet, live-electronics, fixed media, and radio broadcast
Premiered by Splinter Reeds at the Blue Sage Center for the Arts (Paionia, CO), 2018
Tung-Hui Hu · Text poet and researcher
Susan Ellinger · Founder, Blue Sage concert series
Tom Snelgrove · Video editor
Antenna Studies website
Blue Sage Center for the Arts