Work » Projects » Lullaby for Dead Horse Bay 2016

Dead Horse Bay is as intriguing of a site as its name suggests. This moniker hearkens to a time period when New York City was dominated by the horse, as their bodies were processed at plants on the distant outskirts of Brooklyn. The evolution of the bay trailed along the transformations of the gigantic city it supported as a site of refuse, until a landfill cap burst in the 1950s.

Time and circumstance transforms buried objects into artifacts, and reminds us that many of our most quotidian objects outlive us. Lullaby for Dead Horse Bay invites these objects to sing.

By placing microphones inside bottles found on its beach and amplifying them, these vessels produce tones through feedback. The ebb and flow of the waves on the beach also excite these accumulated chambers.

The piece was commissioned by and written for Michi Wiancko. Special thanks to John Maciuika for his assistance in recording.

Lullaby for Dead Horse Bay was released on Michi Wiancko’s album Planetary Candidate (New Amsterdam Records).


violin and fixed media
Michi Wiancko · violin
John Maciuika · photo