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outline untitled is an ongoing duo collaboration with composer-performer Philip White. Both Philip and I use feedback and live audio input in our improvisatory systems, though in very different forms. Philip’s beautiful hand-built instruments use circuit-based feedback, which interact strikingly with much of acoustic based feedback I generate through air mics, radio signals, and cassette recorders. Beginning with a residency we held at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA), we began seeking ways for our systems to be able to speak to one another.

I have drawn much of my inspiration for revising my own system of live-electronics based on my collaboration in this duo, which includes integration of flexible scale input to an FM-synth, further refinement of my noise-synth, and additional pitch tracking. As these elements are incorporated into Philip’s own set up as well, great surprises occurred when we allowed our two systems to run on their own.

The results of this residency culminated in a 12.5 hour audio release of the development of this improvisatory process, created over the course of the week in the summer of 2018. The audio was released on twenty-five half-hour cassettes, each as an edition of one, and released on Anticausal Systems.

Immediately following the residency, outline untitled performed at Issue Project Room (NY) in a celebration of the Sonic Arts Union. Subsequent performances included a set at the Dither Extravaganza in 2019 and an open rehearsal Wesleyan University in Ring Hall. outline untitled will likely revisit material recorded initially during the VCCA residency, and possibly record more for future release.