Work » Projects » Rising Divergence 2018

Tom Snelgrove’s video Rising Divergence plays with creation myths, drawing particular emphasis on the popular Vietnamese epic “the 100 egg story.” The film unfurls very slowly over the course of 25 minutes, with a range of characters from different creation myths appearing gradually throughout the landscape of the film.

In the context of live-electronic performance, the video with accompanying audio for Rising Divergence is played in real time. On top of this, I integrate acoustic feedback generated in the performance hall combined with live-sampling, creating a range of sonic textures that are then diffused into a multi-channel system. Working in this context of performance is highly flexible, and I’ve been able to perform this in contexts with large number of speakers. Recent performances include festivals at which I’ve been a featured artist – the BEAST FEaST 2017 (Birmingham, UK) and the ULTRASONS Festival at the University of Montreal (Canada).


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