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on the comparative lightness of water grows out of the extensive field recording project I conducted related to the ancient aqueducts of Rome from 2014-15 during a fellowship at the American Academy in Rome. I had spent the fellowship year traveling the paths of the aqueducts as they traversed into the city center of Rome recording along their routes to listen in on how these paths intersect with contemporary infrastructure. 

Near the conclusion of this process, I desired to return to sites I visited, bringing other voices and collaborators along with me. This began with my improvisation inside a stretch of aqueduct tunnel in Vicovaro, where I improvised with recorded samples of visual artist Cynthia Madansky reading the Pliny the Elder’s writings on water, along with feedback, radio signals, and field recordings. 

The recorded improvisation I made during that on-site visit in Rome forms the basis of live-electronics improvisation that comprises on the comparative lightness of water. Each place I have performed the work (MC Gallery [NYC], University of Colorado – Boulder), the original sounds are continually recorded and re-recorded over so that the piece constantly evolving, with the original reflections provided by the reading of Pliny gradually dissolving into each space this process is brought. Sometimes, it seems intuitive to make sense of recording through more recording.


live-electronics, field recording