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collaborating objects, for prepared electric guitar, draws its title from Douglas Kahn’s work Earth Sound Earth Signal (2013), and in particular its discussion of potential sounds within interfering electromagnetic devices. This piece, written for and dedicated to Alessandra Novaga, explores the guitar both as an instrument and electromagnetic device. A highly improvisatory structure (in image above) encourages the investigation of radio signals, transmitter feedback, and the hum and crackle between the instrument, its technological elements, and the various waves that, along with the performer and audience, inhabit the space.

The piece calls for a variety of focused gestures that play with these signals, from dampening and undampening the strings to perforating the signals with an LFO (tremolo pedal). The piece was released on La Chambre Des Jeux Sonores (Setola di Maiale, 2690 CD) in 2014, and has since been performed at numerous venues by Novaga.


prepared electric guitar guitar, radio, fm transmitter
Alessandra Novaga · guitar